Thursday, August 27, 2009

Memories with you!!

Dear Son,

Every year this date i miss you... Its been seven year now.. but i am not able to forget you.. As the time passes i am feeling more attached with you..

I dont know why you are not here with me on this special day of yours, i know that you are back to me in another form. But still i miss you..

I think if you would have been alive today, how would you look like today. how would you talk today..... we would have fun together.. God has given the ability to a woman to give a birth to a life but i think he forget to give the ability to forget their kids, if he is going to call them to him soon... Though he gave me you back, but still i miss you and on this day when i gave birth to you.. i cry for you... my heart is crying for you..

The happiness you gave me , your smile, your little hands ... are still fresh in my memory..

Happy Birthday Son!!

May you stay in peace!!

Love you
Your mom....

Monday, August 27, 2007

Nurturing Life!

It’s the thoughts which make us happy and sad... Today is Rohan’s birthday..

I know he is back, but there are few thought which are associated with him, they make me happy and sad. On this day when I look at the date on the calendar, it makes me sad and happy … It reminds me the joy of those days which he gave me, those little fingers, those tiny smiles…

May GOD bless you with peace!
Love you

Your Mom.