Thursday, August 27, 2009

Memories with you!!

Dear Son,

Every year this date i miss you... Its been seven year now.. but i am not able to forget you.. As the time passes i am feeling more attached with you..

I dont know why you are not here with me on this special day of yours, i know that you are back to me in another form. But still i miss you..

I think if you would have been alive today, how would you look like today. how would you talk today..... we would have fun together.. God has given the ability to a woman to give a birth to a life but i think he forget to give the ability to forget their kids, if he is going to call them to him soon... Though he gave me you back, but still i miss you and on this day when i gave birth to you.. i cry for you... my heart is crying for you..

The happiness you gave me , your smile, your little hands ... are still fresh in my memory..

Happy Birthday Son!!

May you stay in peace!!

Love you
Your mom....